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Zoltan Varadi, DDS

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Graduate of New York University College of Dentistry my standards of patient care were set  high through the educational process provided by world class teachers. Through my long career as a dental professional, I built a strong commitment to excellence by never stopping to continue my education. After providing more than 7000 dental veneers and cosmetic crowns I came to the conclusion that the mastership of my dentistry  evolved with time.

The technological advencement of today's dentistry keeps the passion to continue serving my patients with the best our industry has to offer.

My career started in 1983 in Europe. After several years of practicing, I improved my knowledge and skills by enroling to NYUCD from where I graduated in 1994. Today I have more than thirty years of experience in the field, yet I continue to enjoy what I was destined to do

I feel priviledged to have a long, successful and most importantly a clean professional career.

Dr. Zoltan Varadi

On a personal note my love for life is fueled by my wonderful family.

Erika, my wife for twenty plus years gave me two beautiful girls, Nicole and Angeline. I can't imagine a greater gift than giving life and at the same time enjoying the benefits of your gift. That is how I feel about them.

Erika  is  providing me with  personal and business suport. We really enjoy being the more mature parents to teenage girls.

Our passion is to travel, meet people and discover new places. Skiing together, playing music and attending artistical events are among our  favored family activities.

As a family we like to give back to society by sponsoring charitable fundations which help the children, the homeless and our veterans.

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